Finally, an App for Writing an Essay!

Write, research, take notes, and store your essays all in one place.

Essay Kick is an organizational tool for making your life as a student easier. Use this app and
your essay will practically write itself. In no time you`ll breeze through the writing steps Read more...

Brainstorm Choose a topic and brainstorm ideas.  Add subtopics to the color-coded bubbles and automatically generate an outline to keep your essay organized.
Organize Notes Generate notecards from your research to transfer a direct quote, summary or paraphrase directly into your essay. Display the cards next to your rough draft for a quick reference.
Research Research your topic and use the EK research clipper to grab and store your research. Assign the articles instantly to where you want it to go in your essay and then write an introduction and thesis.
Proofread & Publish Use the revision checklist to review and edit your paper. Export your essay and email it to a friend for peer editing or an EK certified English teacher for feedback.
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